Digital Animation and

VFX Resume


WorldWide TV
and Film
2014 – present

Motion Graphics:

“Summer in America” – Dir. Matt McCarthy
— Nationally aired TV special

  • Logo Design – drafted in Illustrator, final in Maya
  • Animation – After Effects

“Late Night Comedy Pilot” – Dir. Matt McCarthy

  • Draft Process – Logo and Opening sequence: Illustrator and Pencil Sketches
  • Animation – Maya nCloth, Photoshop, After Effects
  • Additional Color Correction – DaVinci Resolve

“Playing the Field” – Dir. Matt McCarthy
— Reality TV pilot commissioned by TNT

  • Opening Title Sequence and Logo Design – Adobe CS, Maya
  • Additional Editing – AVID Media Composer
  • Animation and Graphics – Adobe CS, Maya

Digital FX:

“Summer in America” – Dir. Matt McCarthy

  • Digital Matte painter — reflection removal

“Late Night Comedy Pilot” – Dir. Matt McCarthy

  • Object removal in moving and static shots
  • Tracking: AE and Mocha
  • Digital Paint and Clone Stamp

Modul8tion Ad
   2014 – present

Creative Director: Peter Menotti
— Various Campaigns, including:

Netflix: From Dusk Till Dawn campaign

  • Video Editor – Final Cut 7
  • After Effects Artist
  • Illustrator Elements and Photoshop Layouts

Daily MVP: Sports Illustrated Print Ad

  • Creative Copywriter
  • Disney: Theme Park Vending Machine Campaign

  • AE Animation Sequences
  • Freelance Animation
    and FX
       2011 – present

    “Realistic 3D Model — Homo Habilis”

    • Created and Rigged in Maya w/ human IK
    • Integrated into Unity, Low Poly w/ Bump and Normal Mapping
    • Detailed Poly Paint in ZBrush

    “Virgin America: Animation Demo” – Dir. Nick Barclift

    • Adobe Creative Suite, Maya, Adobe Flash Animation
    • Realistic Sun and Cloud FX

    “Firm EZ”: Commercial – Dir. Nick Barclift

    • Premiere, AE, Maya, ZBrush
    • Logos, Animation, VFX, Editing, Color Correction

    “Stanndi”: Web Series – Dir. Ben Chananie

    • Adobe CS
    • Titles, Animation, VFX, Color Correction

    “The New Level”: Web Series – Dir. Chris Roach

    • Adobe CS, Green Screen Work in AE
    • Titles, Animation, VFX, Editing, Color Correction

    “California Tales”: Web Series – Dir. Nick Barclift

    • Adobe CS, Practical and Digital VFX
    • Animation, VFX, Editing, Color Correction

    “Chubby Alien” — 3D Model

    • 3D Studio Max

    Practical VFX    2008

    Wild Sweet Orange “Either/Or”: Music Video – Dir. Steven Drypolcher

    • Wire rigged props for slow motion flying
    • Threw many objects in front of a phantom camera

    Swing Art Dept.    2006 — 2008   

    “Bled”: Feature Film – Dir. Christopher Hutson

    • Evil Forest Build in Studio — Driftwood and Adhesive

    Curious Primate “The Journey to Getherwet”: Music Video – Dirs. Mike Beamer, Ben Harten

    • Vampire Bunny Head — Wire, Papier-mâché, Paint

    “Arc”: Feature Film – Dirs. Daniel Hashimoto and Mike Beamer

    • Space Station Set – PVC Pipe, Spray Paint, Duct Tape, Core Board and Plastic Panels


    University of Southern California, School of Cinema Television:  B.A., Critical Studies